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Easy Autumn Craft for Kids | Using Up Felt Scraps

Recently I’ve been brainstorming ways to use up my massive pile of felt scraps.  Seriously, I’m soon going to have to build an addition on my house to handle all this felt!  So this post is the first of many (I hope!) ideas for using up felt scraps.  Because if you’re anything like me, it just breaks your heart to have to throw out beautiful felt!

Using up wool felt scraps while doing a fun fall craft with the kids!

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I was able to fully test out these curved scissors while I cut out a million little leaves for this craft, which was on my to-do list.  And combined with a treat-decorating activity, we had a fun family day of fall activities!  It was a win-win-win situation!


Die Cutting Felt: One Die, Six Designs

Die cutting can be a huge time saver when crafting with felt and I know many people who use dies to create beautiful diy felt flowers.  But sometimes die cutting can feel limiting.  I know I am often tempted to purchase many different dies in order to realize my creative vision.  But the problem is that a) I don’t have unlimited space in which to store millions of dies and b) dies can get expensive.  So I’m on a mission to make the best use of a select few dies.  To that end, I challenged myself to use a single die and create as many different designs as I could with it!

Make the most of your dies! Use one die to create these 6 beautiful floral elements!

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I tested and tested and tested so many ideas for this post!  It took me a while to find 6 florals that I was really happy with.  But I would call this little experiment a success and I hope you will too!

First things first, this is the die I used;  Sizzix Bigz 3-D Flowers, number 656545.  I chose this die because I know that many people already have it in their die collection.  If you don’t happen to have this one, it’s fairly easy to come across.  I bought mine here.


How to Ink Felt

Wool felt is such a versatile material, you can do a number of crafty things to it to create the exact project you have in mind.  Included in that list is applying ink to add dimension to your florals.

Using ink to add dimension to your felt florals is an easy way to make them more realistic and interesting!


Die Cutting Felt Series: Using Iron-On Glitter

Welcome to Part 3 of the die cutting series!  In Part 1 we covered using steel rule dies, Part 2 was all about wafer thin dies and now we’re going to talk about die cutting iron-on glitter.  I highly recommend you check out Parts 1 & 2 before continuing on with this post.  Unless you’ve got lots of experience with die cutting in which case, proceed!

The best tips and tricks for die cutting iron-on glitter and felt.

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Iron-On Glitter

Iron-on glitter, (available in the shop – shameless plug) is a sheet of glitter vinyl that can be adhered to fabric with an iron.  In this post we’ll be covering how to cut the glitter before and after it has been backed with felt.  There are many uses for glitter felt, I typically use it for leaves on Christmas wreaths, but I’ve seen hair bows and other accents and accessories using glitter.  However it doesn’t have the same flexibility as regular felt, so there are limitations to it’s uses.  Tips and tricks for working with glitter felt will be covered in another post.


Die Cutting Felt Series: Using Wafer Thin Dies

This is part 2 in the Die Cutting with Felt series!  We covered steel rule dies in part 1 and now we’re going to talk about wafer thin dies.  Wafer thin dies are exactly that; very thin metal shapes with a raised edge that cuts into your material as it passes through the die cutter.

Die Cutting Felt Series: Using Wafer Thin Dies

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Die Cutting Tools and Equipment

Die Cutter & Accessories

There are many brands and styles of die cutters on the market.  They generally all work the same way: A hand crank or motor draws the die+material through the machine, applying pressure as it turns and the die presses through the material.  (FYI a die cutter is different from an electronic cutter such as a Cricut machine.  More on that in another post.)

I recommend using the Sizzix brand of die cutter, and more specifically the Sizzix Big Shot Plus for felt.  There are different sizes and widths of die cutter, and I just find that the Big Shot Plus is the best size for working with 9×12 felt sheets.  There is a larger Big Shot Pro, but it is heavy duty and I would only recommend it if you are running a large business and have a dedicated space for die cutting.  The Big Shot Plus is more easily tucked away when you’re done with it.


DIY Felt Flower Tutorial – Calla Lily

DIY Felt Calla Lily Tutorial and Free Pattern!

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Calla Lilies have to be one of the most elegant flowers.  They are simple and unassuming and drop dead gorgeous and made out of felt, they will last forever!  I made a whole bouquet of them, since I just love them and I couldn’t stop myself.  What can I say, I’m a compulsive crafter!

This pattern is simple, however it may take a couple of attempts in order to master it.  I recommend starting with a scrap colour to test it out first.  I developed the pattern around these stamens that I stumbled upon.  They are actually made for cake decorating (although they are NOT edible) but I spotted them and my creative brain said “hold the phone. We NEED these for felt flowers!”  I think they look amazing and I can’t wait to see what other flowers we can use them with!


How to Make Felt Flowers – with free printable pattern!

An easy felt flower tutorial that can be used for making headbands, magnets, wreaths and more!

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Have you ever seen those felt flower tutorials where they tell you to start with a square and free-hand cut it into a scalloped spiral, add a dab of glue and you’ll end up with a perfectly formed rose?  Yeah.  I’ve tried those.  Unless you have mad scissor skills, that plan is not gonna work.  So I created a pattern for a large rolled felt flower that is basically fool proof.  You’re welcome!  The hardest part will be cutting it out.  And trying to stop yourself from glueing felt flowers to every surface in your house.


Easy Felt Squirrel DIY with Free Pattern


What is it about woodland critters that is so irresistible?  Woodland animals are the perfect theme for a neutral nursery design, and this stuffed squirrel would be right at home tucked on a shelf or in someone’s tiny arms!  This easy DIY can be completed in an afternoon, so it’s great for any last minute birthday or shower invites!

Grab the FREE pattern for this adorable wool felt squirrel!  It only takes an afternoon to complete this project, so it's the perfect last minute gift!

(My littlest guy loooves his new animal stuffie!)


Top 10 DIY Felt Ball Crafts

Here are 10 great ideas for projects to make with wool felt balls!

Felt balls. Felt beads. Wool felt pom poms.  They are known by many names, the little felted balls of happiness that you just can’t help purchasing but have no idea what to craft with them.  (I know I’m not the only person who hoards crafts supplies before knowing what I’m going to use them for! Lol)

So here is a fun list of 10 DIY projects to try with our 100% wool felt balls! (more…)

DIY Felt Rose Stems – With Pattern

This is a beautiful but simple rolled felt flower that is more than suitable for
someone just starting to experiment with wool blend felt!  Create a sweet
arrangement to adorn your breakfast table, without the hassle of ever having
to remember to water it! (more…)